About us


Unite the South African street workout
& calisthenics community and improve
the quality of life through the sport.

The South Africa Street Workout & Calisthenics Association stands as a centralized body to coordinate the rapidly growing street workout movement in South Africa. The SASWCA strives to grow the sport of street workout nationally by registering teams across the country to get athletes and supporters to gain knowledge of respective teams and allow teams to get in contact with each other.

The SASWCA will be responsible for organizing events such the National Championships and Street Workout World Cup Stage in S.A. 2015. Assistance might also be made available to small local contests.

We believe that by developing street workout and calisthenics in South Africa we can create local upliftment as well as global inspiration. For true growth those with the ability have the responsibility to impact. By focussing on the possibilities, uniting forces, and harnessing talents, we strive to grow not only the community, but also individual athletes.